What is SMARTprepay?

SMARTprepay allows you to top-up your meter, through our customer portal or in store using your SMARTprepay card.

How to I top-up my meter?

You can top-up your meter online or in store, using your SMARTprepay card. You can locate stores here.

What is an In-Home Display (IHD)?

An In-Home Display (IHD) is an electronic device, linked to a smart meter, which provides information on your energy consumption. An IHD is normally provided by the installation engineer when a smart meter is installed. If you do not have an IHD or your IHD is not working you should contact your energy supplier.

SMARTprepay card

How do I receive my card?

If we have your email, we'll send your virtual card immediately upon opening your account. Your plastic card will follow, typically arriving the next day.

How do I get a replacement card?

Log into your account and click on 'Order replacement card'.

How do I get an additional card?

Log into your account and click on 'Order additional card'.

How many additional cards can I have?

You can request up to 3 additional cards.

What happens if my SMARTprepay card wont scan?

The retailer can enter your card number manually. You should, however, immediately order a replacement card.

I have found my card - can I start using it again?

When you request a replacement card the card that has been lost or stolen is immediately blocked. Your replacement card will have a different card number and the old card will no longer work.

SMARTprepay account

What's my username?

Your username is 11 characters long you can find it in your welcome email from SMARTprepay.

How do I log into my account?

You can access your account here. When your account was opened, you will have received an email from SMARTprepay with your username and password. Your username is 11 characters long. If you're having trouble finding the email, contact your energy supplier.

What happens if I've forgotten my password?

You can reset your password here.

What happens if I've forgotten my username?

Please contact your energy supplier.

Meter Top-up

What do I do if my meter doesn't top-up immediately?

You can top up your meter using the 20 character Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) that was sent to your phone or is printed on your receipt. You can enter the 20 characters using either the keypad on your meter or the In-Home Display (IHD) if you have one. If you cannot find the UTRN you can see it by logging into your account.

How to I see my top-up history?

You can see your top-up history in your account. The most recent top-ups will be shown first.

What is a UTRN?

UTRN stands for Unique Transaction Reference Number. It is a 20 character number that is sent to your phone or printed on your Post Office receipt every time you top up. Normally when you top up a message will be sent immediately to your meter topping it up automatically - you don't have to do anything.

However, just in case the message is delayed, you can top your meter up immediately by entering the UTRN into your meter using your In Home Display (IHD) or the keypad on the meter.

Debt Payments

What is funds splitting?

You can arrange with your energy supplier for part of each top up to be used to make payments for other purposes such as paying off an energy debt. You choose a percentage of each top up and this will be automatically credited to a separate account. You will be able to see these payments in your online account.

How do I arrange funds splitting?

You arrange this with your energy supplier


Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

Your energy supplier

Energy Suppliers

I'm a supplier and want to make SMARTprepay available my customers - who do I contact?

SMARTprepay solutions are provided by GLOBAL-365 PLC. Please note if you are a customer you will need to contact your energy supplier direct