About SMARTprepay

We are a commercial organisation with a very serious social justice agenda.
Since the introduction of prepayment meters in the 1980s, those already living in fuel poverty have had to pay more than credit customers for their energy.
This means the most vulnerable in our society have to pay the price for a costly and inefficient service.
The Department of Energy & Climate Change’s programme to install smart electricity and gas meters in every household in Great Britain by 2024 has created the opportunity for a new type of prepayment system to be developed.
SMARTprepay is the first system with the technology and sophistication to finally offer price parity between prepayment and credit customers.
Pay As You Go’ is a great way to budget and SMARTprepay makes it easy to have prepayment accounts for your electricity and gas.
You will never get into debt and you can vary the amounts you pay to reflect how much energy you are using.