Account information

If we have an email address for you, as soon as your account is opened we send an email giving you a Username and password. The Username and password will also be in the letter we post to you with your plastic card.
For your security, the first time you login you will be asked to change your password. You can change your password again at any time while you are logged in.
If you forget your password you can request a new one by clicking on the ‘Request a new password’ link. If we have an email address for you we will immediately send an email giving you a new password. If we don’t have your email address we will notify you by letter.
All your top ups will be shown with the most recent at the top of the list.
For each top up you will be able to see:

    • Time and date
    • Unique Transaction Reference Number
    • Value

If you are using funds splitting you will also be able to see all the payments you have made and who received them.

You can arrange with your energy supplier for part of each top up to be used to make payments for other purposes such as paying off an energy debt. You choose a percentage of each top up and this will be automatically credited to a separate account. You will be able to see these payments in your online account.
If your plastic card or the phone holding your virtual card is lost or stolen it is good practice to block the card and order a replacement. To do this log into your account and click on ‘Order replacement card’.
If we have an email address for you we will immediately send an email containing your new virtual card. We also post a new plastic card to you which in most cases you will receive the following day.
If you would like an additional card to enable someone else to top up your account, log into your account and click on ‘Order additional card’. The email containing your additional virtual card can be sent to a different email address if you enter one and the additional plastic card can also be posted to a different address.